professional hair brushes manufacturersHairdressing salons customers in Italy and in the world alike, live the moment of haircare as a gratification for themselves. For this reaison, it is a particular sign of consideration towards them to use professional hair brushes produced with natural raw materials, such as wooden handles and boar bristles, and manufactured with care, in order to ensure a treatment that respects the health of the hair.


Our professional hair brushes in wood and natural bristles, despite the innovations in materials which have long been on the market with the aim to shorten hair drying and styling times, still represent the most suitable tool a hairdresser can use, in order to make sure the hair is treated in the right way during his work. In fact, the wood in the brush body is antistatic and allows the hair to follow the movement conveyed to the brush, without accumulating excessive tension and electric charges. The boar bristles, included in the reinforced version, share the same biological composition of the hair, and for this particular reason they monitor the reaction of the hair in case of too high temperatures or to improper hairdryer use. Damaging the natural bristles indeed means damaging the hair of customers. That’s why using wooden hairbrushes and natural bristles proves to customers that attention towards the health of their hair is maximum.


Hair brush manufacturers since 1966

Optima Professional promotes and supports this greater attention to haircare. Thanks to the experience gained in over 50 years of presence in international markets, it has recently developed three new lines of professional hair brushes, with elegant looks and modern taste. Optima Professional always chooses to put quality at the center of its work, both in materials and brushes manufacturing. The automated production, carried out in Italy with equipment developed inside the Company, is studied and engineered to reproduce in a constant, precise, automatic, and above all controlled way, the same operations once performed manually by a craftsman, preserving the original composition of the product as an indispensable tool for the health of the hair.


Optima Professional is a trademark of Farina Augusto & C. snc which, besides its professional hair brushes, includes in its production range also other kinds of personal care and home brushes with TreStelle brand, and third party processing for industrial bristling.