The tradition of producing brushes begins in the early twentieth century with a person who completely handmade brushes to provide local shops.

Making brushes is a tradition that began in the early 1900s with a person who handcrafted brushes to provide the local shops. Later, between the two world wars, his sons founded a company in Lecco where the processing was performed with an industrial machinery. In addition to the traditional brushes the machinery allowed the production of hair curlers, bottle washers, wire bristles brushes and polishing discs. In 1966 Farina Augusto left the society and took over a brush company in Piacenza.
The company, that was closed at the time, mainly produced root brushes that local population collected along the riverbed.

Then they were scraped, washed, dried, bleached, selected for hardness and used to produce brushes for different purposes: laundry, clothes, shoes, animals, barrels, … etc.
Farina Augusto brought from Lecco not only his expertise, but also a semi-automatic machine to produce professional hairbrushes.

Since then, the company has been continuously increasing its skills investing even further in equipment and technology.