Optima Brushes catalogue for the haircare professional include:

  • Pure boar bristle hair brush– 100% natural
  • Reinforced boar bristle hair brush – mixed with nylon bristles


Pure boar bristle hair brush by Farina AugustoWhy hairdressers should use boar hair brush

Boar bristles have the same natural composition of the human hair, thus acting as a monitor for the hair’s reaction to high temperature or wrong hairdryer use. When the natural bristles are damaged, your customer’s hair will inevitably suffer the same fate. This is why the use of wood hairbrushes with organic bristle is the perfect way to show your clients that their hair’s health is your main priority.

Since boar bristles can penetrate deep into the hair, these professional boar hair brushes will gently smoothen the hair, unraveling all knots and giving a shiny look and increasing volume.

Bristles effect can vary depending on many factors that Optima Professional takes into account when engineering a new hairbrush model. Brushes with bristles delivering a strong grip effect are very helpful for obtaining good styling effects on thick hair, whereas brushes with a milder grip are perfect for thin hair styling.

Professional styling means being able to identify the right type of hairbrush for the goals to be attained. Optima Professional is the best hairdresser’s partner when choosing hairbrushes.