Optima Professional Line


bristle brush by Farina Augusto snchigh quality bristle brush by Farina AugustoOptima Professional brushes are designed to be an ideal tool for hairdressing hairstyles. Besides being easy to handle and having an elegant design, they represent the best brushes for all kinds of hair drying and styling operations.


The natural bristle brushes produced by Optima Professional comply with all specifications required by hairdressers; the natural bristle, due to its own composition, reports in real time how the hair of the customer is reacting to the hairdryer temperatures. If the bristles are damaged, the hair has obviously also been involved. That’s why, professionally, employing and still using natural bristle brushes today, both 100% natural and reinforced, means being sure to satisfy the customer, protecting the health of his hair and maintaining a healthy look while safeguarding the work tools.


High quality bristle brush 100% natural

Ancient wisdom, which has always used natural bristles in the production of hairbrushes, is for Optima Professional an important reference point for being sure to design and produce brushes which will turn really useful for hairdressers’ customers. Optima Professional range, starting from the 2018 edition of Cosmoprof, has been enriched with three new lines featuring cured looks, transforming the brush into an object which is both practical and beautiful to be seen.
bristle brush bristle brush
The three new Optima Professional hairbrushes lines have been studied while taking into account all different hairdresser’s manual skills, as our profound knowledge of this job suggested us. The aspects which characterize each brush are indeed the ergonomic nature of the handle and the correct calibration of the ratio between bristle height and brush diameter, so that every professional can choose the most suitable model according to his style of work, and the type of styling he will perform.

  • Black: circular handle rotating in the hand with maximum fluidity; pure boar bristles
  • White: square-section handle allowing to lock the brush and convey considerable traction; reinforced boar bristles
  • Gripped: circular handle with an original wood processing, for improving grip without tiring the operator; reinforced bristles

Trestelle Line

The TreStelle line, the historical Company brand, is addressed to the consumer channel. In this case, the production focuses on affordable wooden hairbrushes, purchasable internationally in each country’s main retail channels.

TreStelle brand has been one of the most widespread brands of hairbrushes produced in Italy during the first years of mass consumption, as our numerous copies in the world still show today. The round hairbrush model has always been the distinctive product within Farina Company’s range. The achieved reputation of the brand has since paved the way for many production requests also with third-party logos, and thus pushed the company to experiment with different solutions, as well as into building a solid know-how.

Private Label Line

The flexibility of our company’s production system also allows us to produce wooden and natural or mixed bristles hairbrushes, in different models and with Private Label brands. The know-how gained by the company during decades of presence on international markets puts the customer’s idea at the center of a development process, aimed at obtaining the ideal brushes in terms of value-for-money, as well as the cultural context in which they must be inserted.