round hair brush by Farina AugustoOptima Professional hairbrushes are typically round. This type of hair brush became popular together with hair-drying styling and Optima Professional wide catalogue includes all possible sizes of round hair brushes in line with your styling performances.

Each professional hairdresser has a unique way of styling and Optima Professional knows this. This is why our catalogue is full of different round hair brushes.

A decisive trait of each round hair brush is the barrel diameter in combination with bristle height and the number of bristle rows. These three parameters identify the strength you can obtain from the brush and this also shall be considered when choosing the best brush for your styling goals, based on the characteristic of hair in your geographical zone.

Of course, Optima Professional distributors network worldwide is at your service in order to answer to your questions about available hairbrushes. You can also suggest improvements, we will be happy to receive them.