It is not by chance that wood as a raw material is still a fundamental piece in an Optima Professional hairbrush.


The wooden body of an Optima Professional hairbrush is the reason why hair can be treated without creating electrostatic charges.


Moreover, thanks to the accurate turning of wood during the production of hairbrush handles, Optima Professional wooden hair brushes have no spot where hair can remain tangled up and get snatched, what frequently occurs with plastic or metal hairbrushes.


Perfect hair styling with wooden brushes

Optima Professional know-how has also collected during time many different feedbacks from hairdressers about their styling working habits. Whether you prefer a square handle, perfect if you usually grab it firmly in your hand, or a round one, if you like to let the handle roll freely into your palm, Optima Professional catalogue for sure includes the right handle for you! And many different fashion colours which can surely be in the right tone with your salon’s interiors.

As for cleaning, it is really simple to get a perfectly cleaned wooden hair brush. Once left hair are brushed away with the aid of a comb, you can wash your Optima Professional wooden brush under running luke warm water (do not let it soak into water!) and some liquid soap, and then let it air dry.

There is really plenty of reasons to prefer Optima Professional wooden hair brushes, what is yours?